Mel Cheplowitz, a staffer at MRR. did a series of 7-inch compilations on his label, Shredder Records.
Fresno got Volume Three in 1989. Shut up and drink!
Review of the Shredder Comp in Fun with Cows zine CT 1989
BATHROOM WALL ZINE Shredder Compilation Record Release Gig Review by Lynn 1989:
Gig Flyer by Timothopy Biskup Esq.
S.A.D. BOYZ  at Community Link Fresno 1989
Slut Vinyl at the Community Link 1989  LtoR Jery Hudson-Drums  Kevin Johnson-Bass  Robert Gamble-Vocals  Eric Ehat-Guitar
Plaid Retina at the Community Link 1989  LtoR: Matt Morris-Vocals and Guitar  Travis-Bass  Don Hudgens-Drums
Kondomnation 1989 LtoR: Dave Kermoyan-Drums (off camera)  Tony Pearson-Bass  Johnny Heathen-Guitar  Steve Sleeze-Vocals
Capitol Punishment Community Link 1989  Joe Leggett-Vocals  Joceylin Fedrau-Bass  (off camera: Dale Stewart-Guitar  Tim Biskup-Drums)
If I had an Abducted Children pic I would post it here.
If you have one please send it in an email to me.
Dale Stewart