We had the pleasure of touring the U.S. 3 times; in '85, '86
and '89 and Europe twice; in '87 and '91. We played all over
California including many times in San Francisco and the bay
area. We got to play with some of the really cool
punk/hardcore bands of the day:
name a few.  In our earlier tours we played mostly in the
midwest; Chicago, Memphis, Houston, Omaha, Milwaukee,
etc. Our '89 US tour took us to the east coast for the first
time  and we were so thrilled to play at the legendary
in New York.

After signing to
We Bite Records in Germany in '86, they set
up a European tour for us in '87 and again in '91. We Bite did
such a wonderful job booking those tours.
We Bite discography
Thomas and Margit also took great care putting out a top
quality product. Playing for appreciative audiences, singing
along with our songs in Germany, Belgium, Denmark and
Austria was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We played a few
500+ halls, but It was mostly small halls and Jugendzentrums.
It was very meaningful and outrageously fun!
cproedingpic   |   ericndalepic   |   keithjohnsonpic   |   ralfwarehsepic   |   mikescreampic   |   joceysatinpic   |   daleeyeballpic   |   ralfbunyearspic  |   cpknightspic
1--El Salvador--Not So Quiet Compilation--1982--Alternative Tentacles #14
Jody is my Bloody Love--4 song 7-inch EP--1983--Stagedive #1
When Putsch comes to shove--10 song LP--1985--Stagedive #2
Slum with a View--10 song LP--1986--Unclean Records #9
Glutton for Punishment--4 song 7-inch EP--1988--We Bite #39
Zip yer Pants up--Live in Berlin Germany LP--1987--Destiny Records #16
7--Super Glutton--8 song 12-inch EP--1989--Duckbutter Records #9
8--Jacknifed Rig--
Thing that ate Floyd Compilation 2LP--1989--Lookout #11
Bulwarks against Oppression--12 song LP/CD--1989--We Bite #55
10--Liquor Store--
Shredder 7-inch EP Compilation--1989--Shredder Volume 3
11--Bury my heart--
Built on Blood Compilation 2-LP--1991--WTF Records
1982 Demo--8 song 7-inch EP--1993--Selfless Records #14
Messiah Complex--12 song LP/CD--1993--We Bite America #5
Three Chord Pile-Up--12 song LP/CD--1995--We Bite America #13

Jody 7-inch, Putsch LP, Slum LP all reissued on We Bite, Germany. Putsch also
reissued on Destiny Records, Germany. Messiah Complex reissued on SPV Poland.
There's also a few other compilation and video tracks

CAPITOL PUNISHMENT Line-up changes and tours
But, all things must come to an end and the so-called "first line-up", which was actually the second line-up broke up at the end of that first
European tour in '87.  The band was coming apart at the seams anyway. The enormous stress of that tour was the proverbial straw. We five worked
together as a team for 6 years. I say five because
Jimi Haze our roadie/driver/confidant was very much a part of the band. We couldn't have done
it without him. Jimi is now vocalist for
STRYCHNINE, a band from Oakland CA. They've been one of thee most European touring bands and have
tons of great tour stories.

In '87 the demise seemed eminent with many band member squabbles. So, we kinda saw it coming.
When it finally happened it was quite painful, like a divorce, if you have any idea what that's like.
Mike went up to the bay area to play drums for
FANG. Later he played in HELLS KITCHEN with Jimi Haze on vocals.  After that Mike drummed for

Joceylin and I continued on under the name CAPITOL PUNISHMENT from '88 to '95. We had several different singers and drummers over the years.
line-up changes and tours)

In '92-'93 we played a few reunion shows with Mike and Ralph.
It was fun and they went over
quite well. In '95 we finally laid ole CP to rest after a 14 year run. All us ex-members are quite proud of the band and
all the achievments. Joceylin and I are still happily together. And after a 7-year hiatus she has come back to playing bass guitar. We're currently
(2014) playing
electrified folk.   dale stewart
The first band Jocey and I played in together was a new
wave band called
ALTERED FEATURES. That was in 1980 and it
lasted just a few months. We really wanted to play punk not
wave and we looked for a new project and hooked up with
Eric Tsuda. He wanted to try his hand at singing and he knew
a drummer, 16 year old Keith Johnson. Eric thought up the
name of the band and we practiced in his living room
at the Punk Palace.
A few months later we played our first gig,
July 4, 1981 with the DEAD KENNEDYS, THE FIX and
7 SECONDS at the Belmont Ballroom in Fresno.

That original line-up was short-lived and by '82 Eric was
replaced with
Ralph Lotspeich on vocals and a few months
Mike Branum took over drumming duties for Keith. Eric
went on to play drums for DEATH OF GLORY and The UNFIT
from San Luis Obispo. Keith moved up to San Francisco.
Eric Tsuda-vocals
Dale Stewart-guitar
Joceylin Fedrau-bass
Keith Johnson-drums
From 1982 to 1987 we kept that same lineup, which is a long
time in punk band years. And what an incredible time those
years were! We had a lot of fun from time to time and
achieved goals every band strives for.

Stagedive Records Mailorder Page
Our friend, Keith
Johnson passed away on
January 31, 2012. He
leaves behind his
children and a loving
Kellae was in
touch with him and so
were his kids. He told
Kellae to contact his old
friends and to tell them
to remember the good
things of his youth and
those friendships that
were so meaningful to
him. He laid down that
raging punk beat that
propelled us to our first
bunch of gigs and our
early success. Goodbye
old friend, we had fun
playing in the band with
you in the early days of
the Fresno punk scene.
Pics of Keith from 1980-1981
The entire time Capitol Punishment existed 1981-1995 Tim Yohannan was enthusiastically supportive of our band.
In the years to come we would release 5 studio LPs,
4  7-inchers, a couple videos, lotsa demos and
compilation tracks for several different labels. We
were on a few labels here in the U.S., Mainly my
own label, Stagedive Records in Fresno, We Bite
Records and Destiny Records in Germany,
Unclean Records in Austin, Texas and Alternative
Tentacles in San Francisco.
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