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The Dead Kennedys 1980 at the Belmont Ballroom Fresno CA photo by Joel Pickford

This was the first big punk show in Fresno, put on by Richard Wineland of the Subtractions and over 500 people came out! I think it was because, at the time punk
rock was quite controversial. The Sex Pistols were on the front pages of newspapers for different reasons, but mainly because
Sid Vicous had murdered his girlfriend,
Nancy Spungeon and people were drawn to the controversy. It was kind of like a similar controversy 15 years earlier about Haight Ashbury and The Hippies, a lot of
front page coverage and widespread public interest.  Jocey and I got the bright idea about putting on punk shows by attending this show and watching our friend
Richard Wineland go through the motions. The next year, 1981 we started putting on shows at this venue. Black Flag video at the same venue, a year later. Dale Stewart