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                                  Capitol Punishment When
Putsch comes to Shove
1985 Stagedive records
45RPM(Louder than 33rpm) LP
Artwork by Dale Enzenbacher
Recorded at
Tom Mallon Studio SF
Mastered at Fantasy Studios by George Horn

1 Ballad of a broken home 2:10
2 Capitol Punishment 1:10
3 Child abuse 1:48
4 Walking crying dying 1:05
5 Elephant man 1:50

1 God of greed 1:08
2 Racism is ignorance 1:09
3 Is this justice? 1:18
4 Smile :56
5 Poke me with a fork, I'm done 1:48

Mike Branum-drums
Joceylin Fedrau-bass
Ralph Lotspeich-vocals
Dale Stewart-guitar
Re-released 1988 on Destiny records and in 1991 on We Bite records
both in Germany and both 33RPM. Some of the We Bite ones were on
Green vinyl. The original ones on Stagedive were black vinyl and 45
RPM and I pressed only 1k. The repressings came from Destiny and
We Bite. I had heard that Destiny would send the mastertapes to
England to be pressed by Southern Studios, who would press a few
thousand more copies to sell themselves. And so it became a
never-ending struggle to find out just exactly how many Putsch
albums were manufactured and sold. Too many cooks spoil the pot.  
d stewart punksnax at hot mael daught com
Here's a piece in our local music newspaper from way back in the day about the artist who drew and inked the art for "Putsch":